A business in California experienced a very hard time with the IRS due to their accounts receivables being levied. You will find a copy of the Levy Release Impact Tax Resolution obtained from the IRS on behalf this taxpaying business.

Actually there were around 10 levy release forms 668-D that were sent to the accounts receivables in order for the business to start receiving income again.

In certain circumstances it is possible to obtain a levy release due to the fact that businesses have to pay their employees. Sometimes, not all the of time the IRS will at least release income that is being tied up in a levy to pay minimal expenses such as payroll so the employees can receive their compensation.

This specific business was behind on their payroll taxes. We have found in many instances that the issue at times is not with the revenue of the business, but the administration aspect of running a business. Often times when a respected outside agency can help take the administration of the payroll taxes and federal tax deposits, then we see a correction of the issue and the business can get back on it’s feet in good standing with the IRS.

Fortunately we were able to obtain the levy release while we worked on an agreement to resolve the remainder of the liability for this business.

Download example of Release of LevyForm (1)

Download example of Release of Levy Form (2)