Impact Tax Resolution values communication and trust. We understand your burden and the anxiety that may come along with having to deal with the IRS.

You should be comforted knowing we will stay in touch with you through your resolution process. Your personal representative is just a phone call away or at your fingertips. Many of your updates come via email correspondence. Hear what some of our former clients had to say.

I am a real estate agent and have not been able to work in a couple of years due to unforeseen circumstances and the housing market. My tax bill with the IRS was over $200,000. I can’t explain the relief I felt when ITR settled with the IRS for around $5,000 which I could pay over a period of time
Nattily G., Indiana
I was experiencing a garnishment on my pay check. ITR quickly researched my file with the IRS and then submitted the missing returns that I needed to be in compliance. They negotiated a greatly affordable payment plan on my behalf and faxed over the levy release to my payroll department. Thank you ITR for your help in my circumstances.
Stephanie M., North Carolina
I own a business and fell behind on my payroll taxes. We were going through some pretty hard times. When I first consulted ITR they explained to me that they believed I had a pretty good abatement of penalty case. Impact Tax Resolution helped me with a considerable amount of penalties and interest being abated off of my tax liability and then negotiated a pretty good payment plan, one that I could afford to pay and stay in business.
Jim L., Texas
I was pleasantly surprised with the way Impact Tax Resolution pushed my case to resolution. Because of the economy my business got behind on taxes, I was experiencing business and personal liabilities. ITR negotiated a very low monthly payment for a substantial personal liability. It’s great not to be so stressed out about it. A ITR Enrolled Agent negotiated with the IRS and now they are not trying to collect from my business either because I am in what they called currently not collectible status. What a relief.
I had multiple years of back tax liability and missing returns. Trying to find all the records was problematic. So ITR ordered wage and income transcripts and had them delivered to me so we could complete all the returns. They did a great job!
I had a wage levy when I contacted a ITR representative and during that time they were helping me with my back tax returns they Impact Tax Resolution obtained multiple levy releases now I can pay my bills!
Fred T., Florida
Impact Tax Resolution resolved my back tax liability for a small payment plan to the IRS now I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay other bills along with the IRS. I greatly appreciated the instruction ITR gave me so I will not fall in to the same traps that got me in to this mess no that I am out. Thank you ITR.

We value communication with you every step of the way. You will know your file is actually moving forward to a point of resolution. Be assured the professionals at Impact Tax Resolution have resolved countless of issues similar or more complex than the examples above. Your file is in good hands giving you peace of mind knowing that your tax liability with the IRS and other taxing authorities is close to resolution. Testimonials do not guarantee a specific result or future performance and are based upon individual circumstances.

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