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Impact Tax Resolution Services

Over the past 15 years Impact has been helping small businesses and individuals resolve tax issue with the IRS.

We Release IRS Liens, Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies, and Protect Personal and Business Assets from IRS Seizure.

Protecting Taxpayers 15 years and Counting


Step 1 Free Consultation

The IRS has given taxpayers many forms of relief to resolve your account. We need to find out what IRS programs you qualify for and then choose the best strategy to protect you.

Step 2 Review

You may qualify for a settlement for less than you owe, abatement of penalties, installment agreements, fresh start programs, not collectible status, IRS lien and levy release and more.

Step 3 Representation

After we have a plan of action to protect your business or personal assets, it’s time to let the IRS know Impact’s representatives will be resolving your account.

Our Services

Not Collectible Status

Wouldn’t it be nice to be off the IRS radar so to speak? Currently Not Collectible status does just that Impact Tax Resolution will help you get there.

Corporate Restructure

In reality a significant number of businesses fall behind on federal tax deposits and almost exponentially increase their liability of taxes, penalties and interest.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. It may be a legitimate option if you can’t pay your full tax …

Lien Release

Contact Impact Tax Resolution immediately to keep the Federal Notice of Tax Lien off your public records! If you are in business there may be other solutions …

Levy Release

The IRS must follow the required procedures before they can levy your assets. If you did not receive the following required notices then you should immediately …

Installment Agreements

Installment Agreements or payment plans are payment arrangements the IRS allows taxpayers to pay liabilities over time. If you cannot pay your total liabi …

IRS Tax Compliance Return

Impact Tax Resolution understands there are many circumstances that may arise in your individual life and business situations. Life does not slow down for …

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