IRS Tax Compliance Return

Missing Returns
Impact Tax Resolution understands there are many circumstances that may arise in your individual life and business situations. Life does not slow down for any of us. A tax return may fail to be filed for various reasons. But the truth is the IRS does not look favorably on delinquent filers and non-filers. That is why ITR will walk you through the process of getting you in compliance with the IRS.

The IRS has the authority to charge those who fail to file returns with broad criminal and civil penalties and sanctions. Understand that not filing a return may be more expensive to you in the long run. For instances, if you have a refund that is due, the IRS may hold the refund because of a delinquent return in a previous year. Not to mention that you must file a return in order to obtain a refund. If there is tax owed on the return, many times you will be assessed penalties along with interest, which will greatly increase the liability you owe to the IRS. Remember interest is also charged on the penalties along with the interest charged on the base tax liability.

In order not to be assessed penalties and interest on the penalties, you must show that you have reasonable cause not to file by the due date, or not to pay the tax when the return is due.

Be assured the IRS watches for individuals and businesses that do not file their returns. ITR is here for you, to help get you back on track and in good standing with the IRS. We will do an exhaustive review of your transcripts to see what returns may need to be filed in order to get you in compliance.

Substitute for Return

Did you know that if you fail to file a return the IRS has the authority to file a return in the place of your own original return? This is a very common occurrence. They will use the income data that is provided to them from other reporting institutions. Did you know that the IRS does not take in consideration many of the exemptions, credits and deductions that are available to tax payers when they assemble your substitute for return?

The end result of the IRS doing an SFR, substitute for return, is that the tax they asses is most likely higher than the tax that would have been assessed if other exemptions, credits, and deductions would have been taken in to consideration on the original return the tax payer should have submitted. Impact Tax Resolution will assess the difference between the return the IRS has prepared for you and the original return we can submit to take the place of the return the IRS has done. It is not uncommon to see the tax liability greatly reduced when you file your original return.

Understand that once your original return is filed and it shows that your liability is less than the substitute return. The tax, penalty and interest will be recalculated based upon the information your have provided on the original return. This often times results in thousands of dollars being reduced off of your total liability.

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